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Tadashi Shoji SS’19

Tadashi Shoji SS’19

Had the absolute pleasure of attending this magical show for NYFW receiving direct access backstage.

Let’s just say it’s not often that I get excited about hair, makeup and wardrobe all at once but this time was very different.  

Tadashi Shoji vision was based around blue hues and tons of glitter glitter glitter and did I mention GLITTER!


Sat down and talked with Evelyn Lim lead manicurist as she explained the collaboration with designer Tadashi. 

  Evelyn Lim Lead Manicurist For Lust V Cosmetics  @EvelynLnails

 Evelyn Lim Lead Manicurist For Lust V Cosmetics @EvelynLnails

“The moodboard consisted of different shades of blues that seemed cosmic with a celestial vibe”. - Evelyn Lim

Mixing different types of metallic blues provided by Lust V Cosmetics  called “ Bad Girls Shut It Down” combining glitter at the tip giving it an ombré affect.



When asked:

Do you predict seeing glitter on the runways?  

Her response was “Yes! Trends tend to come back around and shine is definitely in!”


She wasn’t lying either as the shows rolled out glitter seemed to be the focal point in most shows this season.

  Lead Makeup Artist Pep Gay   @Pepgay

 Lead Makeup Artist Pep Gay  @Pepgay

Makeup represented the same concept when speaking with lead makeup artist Pep Gay he also felt very inspired by the stars and universe. 

Keeping the skin barely covered with a makeup no makeup appearance and soft natural lips.

The star of the show was a full wing-liner bedazzled in glitter in fact the liner happen to be a glittery liner. 

The perfect cherry on top to a awesome production! 


Although I didn’t get a chance to speak with the leading artist on hair it stayed chic, sleek simple and minimum.  


Which worked very well with the entire vision pulling the hair out of each models face.

Allowed you to focus on clothing first then makeup, hair and nails. 





My only wish would be seeing more diversity at shows without it being urban both behind the scenes and on the runway. 

As beautiful as this show appeared (Didn’t attend full show) I spotted one model of color out of 18 which made me a little sad.




Overall Tadashi Shoji did a great job! 


Each gown was made with pure perfection in beautiful colors that would hands down look great on any red carpet! 

  Unknown Photographer Photo Not Taken By me.

 Unknown Photographer Photo Not Taken By me.


Thank you  Lust V Cosmetics for inviting me to this phenomenal show!❤️



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