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War Of Art

War Of Art

Since I've been blogging being in front of the camera is bittersweet. Dont get me wrong taking pictures is so much fun, but being behind the scenes was my life for so long.

However this outlet has truly allowed me to express myself in so many ways. I became a blogger not for the attention or popularity, but to use my gift as a tool and give beauty advice daily.

After so many years in the industry sometimes we get stuck and now social media being such a huge platform for people to market themselves with the intentions of potentially going viral.

The value of professional artists in this league can sometimes fall by the waist side for how many "Followers" you have or could gain.

My era of artistry was different we played the back letting the clients shine bright and in exchange our legacy will gain respect not numbers.

However as we evolve the industry does too and I had to sit down with my 13yr old daughter, and educate myself on what "Her Generation" is interested in.

Now before you start saying "Why do you care" or "I'm not changing myself" etc I want you to understand these are the same things I've once said.

After carefully hearing her perspective I came to the conclusion that we as artist have to accept change.....Period.

No matter how we feel nothing will stay the same forever and bridging the gap between "Experienced and Popularity" will always be a uncomfortable topic. When you look at the percentage of jobs that "Professionals" are losing due to quantity over quality you could understand the bitterness. 

I do feel we also play a role in this situation the lack of educating yourself on social media strategy, marketing and creative content along with stubbornness and comfortability caused this epidemic.

We're just like them! Cultivators, legends and historical figures(Yes there is history in beauty read Lisa Eldridge Face Paint The Story Of Makeup) and every generation in time adds something different.


Personally I feel they mastered the art of "Business" because they saw a flaw and capitalized on the market and you know what?

That's called "Smart Business" me transitioning gives me a chance to bring my expertise to the table.

Especially now that I stepped into the pond of unfamiliar grounds and having a talk with self realizing being extinct is not a option for me.

This journey is new and a lot of hard work so my respect for my fellow bloggers and vloggers are 100% because editing, retouching, creating content and managing your social outlets is extremely hard.

Everyday I discover myself and what I am capable of doing and how bright my future will be because I have complete control.

I no longer identify "Only" with Latisha Rankin the makeup artist but I am my brand! 

When I get up in the morning to start my day my mindset is different. Thankfully we have these outlets and, experts that has showed us how to build a multi-million dollar brand all in the comfort of your home.✔

So the next time you question these Youtubers/Bloggers remember we may have all the talent but like DR Tracy Timberlake said " Don't let your ego have you BRANDED AND BROKE"!  

Copyrights belong to Lisa Eldridge  .        NEW DAY NEW ME!    

Copyrights belong to Lisa Eldridge 


This video is the introduction to everything connected to Grey & Hues I hope you love it!

Videography: Gurber Matthews Music By: Alina Baraz

Photos By: Gurber Matthews @Gurber78  

Photos By: Gurber Matthews @Gurber78  

Canal Street/Chinatown NY  Photos by Mr Matthews 

Canal Street/Chinatown NY Photos by Mr Matthews 

" The War of Artemphasizes the resolve needed to recognize and overcome the obstacles of ambition and then effectively shows how to reach the highest level of creative discipline".     Steven Pressfield

"The War of Artemphasizes the resolve needed to recognize and overcome the obstacles of ambition and then effectively shows how to reach the highest level of creative discipline".

Steven Pressfield

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Gold Label Cosmetics

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