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TSQ 80's Vibe With Jeantrix

TSQ 80's Vibe With Jeantrix

When shooting content for my blog there's always a few things I consider.

1. Will this help my brand grow? 

2. Is this something my audience will enjoy?

3. Are you stepping outside of your comfort zone? 

4. Could this potentially be profitable?

The last one isn't a question but a statement "Make sure you remain authentic at all times"  this is something I repeat daily.

So teaming up with brands that aren't commonly known publicly but have a huge presence.

Isn't really far fetch the average person will always shop or wear things that are assessable, affordable and mainstream.

This is something I know well because I participate in this group myself. 

Every now and then I step out side the box and create a concept that requires me to reach out and work with designers.

That are visionaries just like me and make bold statements with fashion!

As a kid I remember my mother allowing me to express myself in fashion, to be honest she thought I would become a designer lol...

But that wasn't my path I always had a different approach to style, wearing clothes that most women wouldn't feel confident in, or categorized it as being ugly. 

Most of the time there are stereotypes on how women should dress or act "You aren't girly enough" "Act like a lady" "Why do you have to be so boyish"  basically all the things that make me cringe.

My style is based on my mood some days I feel super girly and confident, some days I feel sexy and some days I don't give a fuck(excuse my language). 

All of those things are a combination of me expressing myself threw style if you look at the stylish people in the fashion industry.  

They have the same "I don't give a f**k" attitude this is what makes them iconic!

Jumping out the window taking risks and not caring what people say, being comfortable with themselves.



When I decided to do a Time Sqaure photoshoot I knew it had to be something that will speak to my audience differently.

At this point if you're subscribe to my blog or following me you've figured out my love for more then just beauty.

This is exactly why I created Grey & Hues for anyone who comes here to learn about "ME " while reading informative articles in my field. 

Also to shine light of companies or brands, I think are really dope in their creative lane....Whatever that maybe!

Jeantrix  falls directly into this world, I met Homm and Nyce a few years back, I knew they were visionaries. 

They were literally putting art on wearable fashion something that only a small percentage was doing.

Fast forwarding to now me having a platform to not only rock these pieces, but to write about them and bring this article full circle.

    Nyce (Left) Homm (Right) Creators & Designers of Jeantrix.

  Nyce (Left) Homm (Right) Creators & Designers of Jeantrix.

My direction for this shoot was simply 80's baby! 

Photographer @kingkevjames Jacket

Photographer @kingkevjames Jacket

Being born in the 80's and growing up in "Saint Albans, Queens"  everything around me was fashion!

If you walked outside you saw fashion, it's in my culture to express yourself threw fashion.  

So doing a shoot in the middle of Times Square with a 80's feel was perfect and rocking Jeantrix was the perfect match.

Jacket: Jeantrix Shoes: Rainbow Hat: Forever21  

Jacket: Jeantrix Shoes: Rainbow Hat: Forever21 

Jeantrix is now capturing celebrities eyes creating pieces for Blue Ivy, Kid Ink and Alicia Keys.

Doing what they do best customizing art in the fashion world! 

Foundation: Fenty Beauty Profiltr 340 x Killawatt Girl Next   Door/Chic Phreak Lipstick:  Gold Label Cosmetics 1978

Foundation: Fenty Beauty Profiltr 340 x Killawatt Girl Next  Door/Chic Phreak Lipstick: Gold Label Cosmetics 1978

Fuck Fear/Money Talks $168  

Fuck Fear/Money Talks $168 

I am grateful for opportunity to collaborate with them on something make sure you checkout their designs! 

Morphe Cosmetics Got Me Dripping In Finesse!

Morphe Cosmetics Got Me Dripping In Finesse!

Fenty Beauty By: Rihanna

Fenty Beauty By: Rihanna