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Nails By Ely

Nails By Ely

Nails Nails Nails! Nothing gets your girl more excited (accept makeup) like some good old nail art!

Most people have no idea that I have such a huge passion for nail art. Actually before I started doing makeup I went to a trade school for it in Harlem, Ny many years ago.

To be completely honest I was pretty good at it but the man upstairs had different plans.

Thank goodness because doing pedicures wasn't for me. lol

Before I met Elizabeth my friend Uniqua was lacing my nails but the distance was becoming to much with my schedule.

However she's SUPER dope in her craft too!


Me and "Ely" were introduced on set I was working on a photoshoot with a good friend of mine's. Ely was doing the nails she had such a great personality and energy. 

When you're on set it's important to communicate with everyone involved Nails, Hair, Wardrobe, Photographer & Client.

Sometimes the client might change their mind last minute or ask for your expertise it's important to understand the "Big Picture" I shine, You shine, We shine Together!    

We conversed some more I probably asked her a million questions but, she answered everyone with a smile.

It's all about vibes if your energy is right any opportunity comes my way I will reach out.

So anytime I had a shoot or a client she was always my first thought. 

One day I asked her if she was available do my nails for this event.  

She agreed but I couldn't make the appointment so we rescheduled months went by finally she text me saying "Girl you need to let me do your nails"!

She was right and at the time I wasn't happy going to the nail salons they NEVER shaped my nails right and I always felt rushed.

As a artist you appreciate all areas of art how I express myself is threw various categories not only makeup. Nail art is my wave because that's one of many things my clients pay attention too and it's apart of maintenance.

My hands are ALWAYS in there face not mention the first you see in a photo. 

Grey & Hues was almost done and I knew finding a dope nail artist was important to me now more then ever.....So the timing was perfect!

I like her because she tells me straight up if something won't look right she nicely makes the adjustments.

Before her I wanted all this art on my nails she nicely calmed me down by saying " Minimal Art" is chic! Really their isn't any difference from what I say to my clients "Less is more" which happens to be the truth.

This will never stop my creative mind from running freely so we compromise or in better terms collaborate on designs that will satisfy my urge.

The very first time Elizabeth did my nails for the launch of Grey & Hues.   

The very first time Elizabeth did my nails for the launch of Grey & Hues.  

To this day she's been consistent, graceful, professional and inspiring. 

Nude & Foil Combo.  

Nude & Foil Combo. 

She is no longer just my nail artist but now a good friend of mine's we discuss future ideas for our business and give each other advice.  

Neons are my favorite!  

Neons are my favorite! 

Miami Nails  :  That time she was determined to put rhinestones on my nails and they all fell (Because I'm a Insider.

Miami Nails : That time she was determined to put rhinestones on my nails and they all fell (Because I'm a Insider.

Her talent is beyond amazing!


My current nails💕   @nails_byely    

My current nails💕 @nails_byely


So make sure you follow this Celebrity Nail Artist and my girl on all platforms!🙌🏽💘

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